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studio policies



$60.00 per month     Tiny Dancer I

$65.00 per month     Tiny Dancer II

$65.00 per month     Combo I

$65.00 per month     Combo II

$65.00 per month     Hip Hop

$35.00 per month     Boys Hip Hop & Breakdance

$65.00 per month     School Dance Team Prep

$65.00 per month     Beginner Acro

$65.00 per month     Acro II


Dancers in the recreational classes above who enroll in more than one class, will be charged additional tuition per additional class at a discounted rate as follows:


$100.00     Two (2) recreational classes

$135.00     Three (3) recreational classes

$165.00      Four (4) recreational classes


Monthly tuition for dancers enrolled in the recreational Pre-Competition class will be at the following monthly rates:

$135.00   Pre-Competition class

$170.00   Two (2) classes

$205.00   Three (3) classes


Competition team monthly tuition is team specific and also depends on whether a competition dancer takes additional classes in addition to the core team required classes.  Parents of competition team dancers can refer to the competition team contract for the tuition fee schedule.



Monthly tuition fees are due and payable to Dance South on the FIRST CALENDAR DAY OF EACH MONTH (unless otherwise stated in the studio calendar). Account profiles authorized by the account holder for recurring billing will have their credit card charged on the first calendar day of the month for payment of the balance on the account (including monthly tuition, registration fees, dancewear, shoes, costumes, competition fees, etc.).  Any account profile not authorized by the account holder for recurring billing, will be required to have a valid credit card saved to the account profile.  If monthly tuition is not paid by the account holder by the 10th calendar day of the month by cash, check or manual credit card payment, the account will be charged a $15.00 late fee, and the credit card on file will be processed by the studio office for the past due payment and late fee. Please do not ask us to remove late fees if your payment was late.


Tuition is NOT based on the number of classes per month, but is a yearly fee for the total number of classes provided in the school term. Monthly tuition remains the same regardless of the number of classes taken each month. A 4% discount is given if yearly tuition is paid before October 1st (costume and recital fees are extra and are not discounted). The prepaid discount of 4% cannot be combined with any other offer (eg. gift certificate redemption) and may only be paid in cash or with a check.  Credit card payments are not accepted for a prepaid tuition amount.

There is a $30.00 fee for returned checks. If we we receive two or more returned checks, then we will only accept cash payments for all fees.

If your child misses class due to illness, school projects/activities, family trips, etc., the full monthly tuition is still due and payable by the first calendar day of each month. Tuition is not prorated.





All dancers are set up with an account that can be accessed by their parent/guardian online via the website and click on the “My Account” link. Existing accounts can be accessed by logging in with the parent's username and password. Parents/guardians of new students can set up their account through this same link.


Online accounts allow access to the student account to register for classes, view the account balance, and make payments via a credit card. Credit card information can be stored and the parent/guardian can set permissions to allow the credit card to be charged monthly for tuition (recurring billing). 

Account payments may be made with cash, check or credit card. For payments brought each month to the studio, please place the payment in the box at the office window. Parents may also mail payments directly to the studio at the following address: 


Dance South Studio 

316 Foothills Drive 
Chelsea, AL 35043


A $50.00 non-refundable registration fee per student and $25.00 for each additional child due with class registration.


For easier monthly payments, parents can set up their credit card in their online account and set permissions for the credit card to be used for monthly recurring billing. All credit card transactions will be assessed a 3% processing fee.  Lastly, parents may use their personal bank’s automated bill pay features to send monthly checks to Dance South in order for tuition payments to arrive on time.

Monthly account statements will only be e-mailed at the beginning of each month for accounts that are past due.  The e-mail address provided by the parent on the registration form and/or recorded in their online dance account profile will be used by the studio.


Families will receive a $10.00 discount off monthly tuition per additional child. The child with the most hours is billed at the normal rate and each additional child will be billed at a $10.00 discount off the normal tuition rate.


The studio’s primary method of communication with parents is via e-mail. If you are not receiving any e-mails from the studio, then please contact the studio office to ensure your current e-mail address is on file. Additionally, please add the following studio e-mail addresses -- to your e-mail contact list, so that all communications will display in your e-mail Inbox and not a spam folder. 

All studio newsletters and other communications (i.e. information for picture week, reserved ticket dates, class cancellations, etc.) will be e-mailed to the e-mail address(es) parents provide on the student registration form and/or on the online account profile. If parents do not have an e-mail address, please ask the office for a printed copy of all recently e-mailed information. 



If a parent wishes to withdraw a child from dance class, parents MUST SEND A WRITTEN NOTIFICATION TO THE STUDIO OFFICE.

Simply not showing up for class, verbally telling the teacher or leaving a voicemail does not qualify as notification. Parents are responsible for all fees and tuition due up to the date a written notification is received by the studio office. A student will not be allowed to drop out of class for an extended amount of time and then return without payments. All tuition must be paid in full, even if a dancer is absent from class. 



Regular attendance is essential for progression in dance training. Tardiness and excessive absences are inexcusable and not tolerated. All students are responsible for learning the choreography. To be fair to all students, class time will not be used to review material missed. Make up classes are very difficult to arrange, so please make class attendance a priority. If a child misses class due to illness, school projects, family trips, etc., the full monthly tuition is still due and payable by the first calendar day of each month. Tuition is not prorated. 


All students must wear proper dance attire. All shoes, studio dancewer and tights can be purchased through Dance South. It is also required that hair be pulled back off the face for every class. Ballet class dancers should have their hair secured in a bun (excluding Tiny Dancer and Combo students). If your child does not wear appropriate attire, the teacher cannot view the correct body alignment, nor can the student properly stretch and execute certain dance movements. Dance shoes must be worn each week. Jewelry should not be worn in class. 

Dance shoes should only be worn inside the studio rooms. Please make sure your child wears street shoes when entering and leaving the studio. Additionally, all dancers should wear appropriate cover-ups when entering and leaving the dance studio.


The following is a list of the required attire and dance shoes for each level of classes: 

Tiny Dancer I

Pink full sole ballet shoes, white tie ribbon tap shoes, leotard (any color), tights (pink or tan)

Tiny Dancer II

Pink full sole ballet shoes, white tie ribbon tap shoes, leotard (light blue), tights (pink or tan)

Combo I

Pink full sole ballet shoes, tan tap shoes (strap w/buckle), leotard (black), tights (pink or tan)


Combo II

Pink split sole ballet shoes, tan jazz shoes, tan tap shoes (laced), leotard (black), tights (pink or tan)


Advanced Combo

Pink split sole ballet shoes, tan jazz shoes, tan tap shoes (laced), leotard (black), tights (pink or tan)


Pink split sole ballet shoes, tan jazz shoes, tan tap shoes (laced), leotard (black), tights (pink or tan)


Acro I & II

Leotard or fitted tank, fitted dance shorts

Ballet Classes (Recreational & Teams)

Black leotard, pink or tan tights, pink ballet shoes (full sole for recreational classes; split sole for pre-competition and competition team classes), hair secured in a bun, optional ballet skirt

School Dance Team Prep

Black leotard, black dance shorts, pink or tan tights, tan jazz shoes

Jazz Classes (Recreational & Teams)

Black leotard, pink or tan tights, tan jazz shoes (recreational), team jazz shoes as defined by the instructor

Lyrical Classes (Recreational & Teams)

Black leotard, dance shorts, lyrical shoes

Musical Theatre

Black leotard, pink or tan tights, tan jazz shoes

Tap Classes (Recreational)

Black leotard, pink or tan tights, tan buckle tap shoes (Combo I), tank laced tap shoes (Combo II and Advanced)

Clogging (Recreational & Teams)

White laced clogging shoes, tan tights, black leotard or black fitted dance tank, black dance shorts


Hip Hop (Regular & Boys)

Comfortable top, shorts, leggings or loose fitting pants, sneakers, NO JEANS



Dance South strives to provide a nurturing environment for all its dancers. To ensure that each dancer feels safe and comfortable during class, we have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for inappropriate behavior that may cause physical or emotional harm to students and instructors in the class. Teachers reserve the right to dismiss any child from a class due to discipline problems. The misuse of social media to cause harm to other dancers is considered inappropriate behavior. Repeated behavioral problems with a student or any parent behavior deemed inappropriate may result in permanent dismissal of the student from the studio. 




Please keep up with all belongings and WRITE YOUR CHILD’S NAME IN ALL DANCE WEAR AND SHOES. Dance South is not responsible for any items left at dance class. Items left at the studio will be placed in the lost and found. However, dance shoes without names in them will be added to the used shoe supply after two weeks. 




Parents are not allowed to observe dance classes due to distraction. Parents must remain outside the room until dance class has finished. However, parents are invited to watch their child’s class during Observation Week in October and December. This is a great time to see the wonderful progress you child has made. 




We will be pleased to answer all questions and concerns through the general office. If you wish to discuss questions or concerns with your teacher, please make an appointment through the office. Catching instructors between class leads to late classes! Please respect your teacher’s time and set up an appointment so they can fully meet your needs. 




Dance South follows the Shelby County schools inclement weather procedure. If Shelby County schools dismiss early or cancel, all Dance South classes will be cancelled.




  • Use the circular driveway for picking up and dropping off students. Parking is available in the back and sides of the building and also on the street. PLEASE do not park in the circular driveway.

  • Only staff is allowed in the Teacher’s Lounge and the Studio Office.

  • Do not interrupt classes. Students must remain in the lobby until class begins. Parents wishing to speak with the teacher should make an appointment. Our classes are taught back to back and our teachers must move promptly from one class to the next to ensure each class receives their full class time of instruction.

  • The studios are not conducive to audiences. For this reason, we must discourage “sitting in”. Parents are asked to remain in the lobby or parking lot.

  • PLEASE supervise your young dancers and siblings while waiting in the lobby.

  • PLEASE RESPECT OUR STUDIO. We pride ourselves on providing a clean and safe environment for our dancers and parents.

    • No eating, drinking, or gum is allowed in the studio rooms. Water, however, is allowed and encouraged.

    • Snacks and drinks must be kept in the lobby or outside.

    • Please be responsible and clean up all food and drinks before leaving the building. Parents should instruct their children to clean up after themselves.

    • No eating or drinking in the restrooms.

    • No glass containers in the studio.

    • Restrooms are not to be used for eating or congregating in groups. All trash should be disposed in the proper receptacles provided in each room.

  • Please keep up with all belongings. Items will be placed in lost and found at the studio. Dance shoes without names on them will be added to the used shoe supply after two weeks.


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