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FRIDAY, JUNE 7, 2024

Dancers will need to arrive using the theatre backstage door at the BJCC and proceed to their assigned dressing rooms (posted near the backstage door access on the day of Dress Rehearsal). Recital wristbands and general admission tickets ARE NOT REQUIRED for Dress Rehearsal. 

Dancers should be dressed and ready in their costume for their first dance number 45 minutes prior to the designated start time on the rehearsal schedule, so rehearsals can begin promptly. All students must stay in their dressing area until their time to perform. A stage mom or Dance South staff member will assist each class from the dressing room to the backstage area. The parent responsible for assisting their child should then proceed to the theatre audience to watch their child’s rehearsal. Stage moms may watch from the backstage area. After the first dance is complete, parents will need to go back to the dressing room to assist their child with the costume change for the next dance.  


Once your child has completed rehearsals, please collect all costumes, shoes and accessories and take them home. Costumes should NOT be worn outside the theatre. 

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